In today’s highly-competitive marketplace, it is essential for an organization to deliver the best services and maintain the highest standard of quality, while providing efficiency and cost effectiveness. However, it is difficult to precisely evaluate and choose the proper technology solutions that would allow the business to take advantage of recent industry innovations and best practices. Without the proper knowledge and experience, deploying and integrating new technologies with existing assets becomes very challenging.

Our highly-trained team of specialists is ready to assist your business with entering the highly-competitive telecommunications market quickly with a low capital investment, and to provide powerful backing for your specialized applications. We are able to provide a wide variety of cost-effective integration and deployment services that address the evolving technical and business needs of IT, network and service provider clients with minimal disruption to your existing operations and critical data systems.

EqNet offers a vast portfolio of integration services that links systems, applications, processes, and the people that use them across all areas of your organization for better business results. Our integration services include, but are not limited to:

  • Telecommunications platform integration

We use the most up-to-date methods and decision-making principals that ensure faster integration design, development and deployment. EqNet’s servers, software, and services are brought together to offer the solution that links all the diverse applications, platforms and IT environments of your organization.

  • Architecture design

Our highly-experienced team of professionals is able define, test and document proven reference architectures and best practices that would ensure the best fit for your organization.

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